My career has included both public and private sector positions, and has focused on providing service and leadership to the organization (the term 'serving' is big in my life). My goal is to continue this path, using my combination of experience and achievements to further an organization. I've been in key staff leadership positions, and I've also been the person responsible for the organization. Bottom line is I'm always a member of a team, whatever the job title.

My passion is about improving the quality of life for everyone, often done through community engagement and leadership. I want to be part of a progressive team that provides opportunities for personal growth as well as challenges and accomplishment. Moving the organization forward through continuous improvement and growth is what excites me, whether the setting be a large or small organization.

As you look around this site, remember that the fullness of my activity is hard to put into nice, neat categories. For example, where do I put all of the work I've been doing to help stop Domestic Violence (including leading the creation of a tremendous 30 minute video), or the excitement I have for the work of Robert Putnam (author of Bowling Alone and American Grace), or all of the energy I have about serving my community and the rewards I've received (both officially as the 2009 Investment in Education award winner and the many kind words and support from friends and strangers).