I'm a perceptive organizer, planner, strategic thinker, problem solver, communicator and quick learner.

Effective communicator that promotes the organization

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of a strategy to promote/secure funding for the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) from state legislature and other key constituencies.
  • Responsible for creating vital business partnerships for AES, a Minnesota-based company that provides training and software solutions for skill development in education and business settings.
  • Appointed by the Governor to a position responsible for improved communication and efficiency among local, state, and federal governments.
  • First manager to be awarded the State Planning Agency's Clara B. Ueland Innovation Award "for improving efficiency and services within government and for contributing to an environment of creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness".
  • Served as a key policy liaison between the governor, legislature, and state agencies; and as a congressional liaison with state and local leaders, attended local government meetings and made over 150 public presentations.
  • Managed discrete information and relationships throughout my career.


Strategic Thinker that Solves Problems

  • Identify target markets and business opportunities for IDL's innovative web-based technologies.
  • Served as a consultant to public, non-profit, and private sector customers seeking innovative strategic planning and workforce development services.
  • Provided marketing, market research, and strategic planning services to high technology companies such as IBM and NCS, located in the Twin Cities.
  • Developed and implemented marketing and sales strategy for a manufacturer of consumer products.
  • As a congressional aide, researched issues, performed policy analysis, developed and directed legislation, and represented the Congressman in meetings.


Manager of People, Programs & Budgets

  • Direct the communication and information system/website priorities and staff to achieve AURI organizational goals and objectives.
  • Oversaw successful Y2K project, desktop change to windows machines, shift to citrix server approach, etc.
  • Develop $5 million annual budget and revenue streams at AURI, represent AURI with business and academic communities, manage day-to-day operations, and direct the ongoing strategic planning efforts of organization.
  • Responsibilities included directing the work of 14 planning and program evaluation professionals (including Alternative Dispute Resolution staff) and managing an annual budget of approximately $2 million within the State Planning Agency.
  • Directed all aspects of a Minnesota congressional office. Responsible for management of 12 staff members and the annual budget.
  • Researched and developed performance management systems, quantifiable organizational and personal outcomes, and an employee appraisal process.
  • Wrote organizational performance reports.


Organizer and Planner that Gets Things Done

  • Developed and implemented a limited resources marketing strategy in a fast moving, highly competitive market of Internet learning solutions.
  • Advised the State of Oregon on the development of benchmarks to measure the performance of public programs in order to improve program delivery and efficiency.
  • Identified state and local issues in Minnesota needing federal solutions, and assisted with policy options presented to Congress.